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Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program has been mailing books to children around the world monthly since 2000. Thanks to a grant from the Glenn & Carol Pearsall Adirdondack Foundation, the Friends of the Town of Chester Public Library became an Imagination Library chapter in February 2021, with 32 area preschool children registered for the program receiving their first book in April 2021. Dolly Parton has a tradition of mailing The Little Engine that Could as the "Welcome" book to every child who registers for the Imagination Library. After the first book, different picture books are mailed each month according to the age of each child.


It’s fun to read-along with The Little Engine that Could as it has a repeating part where the Little Engine says, “I think I can, I think I can.” In the video below, you might want to read along with Dolly Parton as she reads the book to you.

The Little Engine That Could is the first book sent to all registered children.

You might even want to draw a picture or write a story to go with this book! If you decide to do that, please feel free to send your drawing or writing to so it can be published right here, along with Vaughn's and Natalie's pictures of the Little Engine.


Vaughn is reading his book. He looks like he's enjoying the story! Thank you, Vaughn!

Thank you to Natalie for sharing her drawing of the Little Engine with her happy self joining in the story!

To share writing, scribbles, or reading action photos please email

Updated 7/14/21